Aims and skills

We use state-of-the-art computational tools combined with an in-depth discussion of experimental techniques to probe, understand and design advanced materials with targeted properties. While the first semester is dedicated to lectures and project, the second semester is entirely dedicated to a research internship that can be performed within partner institutions, either academic or industrial groups.

Program Schedule

Core Courses

Materials by Design (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
The art of selecting and optimizing a material for a specific application.

Materials Characterization (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
The knowledge to select and assess the relevance of a wide range of techniques for materials characterization.

Multiscale mechanics (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
The goal is to predict the mechanical behavior of materials and their macro-structure using a scale transition approach.

Devices at different length-scales (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
Nano-scale to macroscopic innovative devices, in a wide range of fields.

Modeling at the atomic and molecular scales (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
This lecture includes practical sessions based on computational techniques as well as more fundamental underlying theories.

From surfaces to coatings (21hrs - 2 ECTS)
Introduction to the physics of solid surfaces, as well as the processes for preparing coatings by vapor deposition.

Materials Forming (36 hrs - 4 ECTS)
The strategies to shape and dimension an object, considering the possible plastic deformations.

Elective Courses

Superconductors (36 hrs - 4 ECTS) : Superconductors properties and more advanced theories to understand this specific state of matter.
Biomimicry (36 hrs - 4 ECTS) : Introduction to emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.

Industry and Business project & seminars

Artem Insight (1 ECTS) : 1 week dedicated to the development of one project proposed by an enterprise or an organization.
Economics, Organization, Business seminar (1 ECTS) : 1 week dedicated to seminars in the field of Economy, Organization or Business.

1 research project (100 hrs - 8 ECTS) in close connection with a research laboratory

French Summer School

Date: From July until end of August 2017
On an optional basis, Mines Nancy proposes a French Summer School to provide international students with the necessary skills in French. These courses are also tailored for engineering studies (methodological tools, professional language...).
Fees and registration procedure will be given in due course by Mines Nancy.

Close connection with research Lab

All courses, projects and internships are connected to main materials Labs or industrial research centers such as :

  • Institut Jean Lamour
  • Institut Jean Barriol
  • LEM3
  • LMops
  • CEATech Grand Est